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CAI-CLAC Virtual Annual Planning Meeting

CAI-CLAC Virtual Annual Planning Meeting

COVID-19 has had significant changes to our industry and how events are conducted. Just like last year, CAI-CLAC was not planning to conduct its 2021 CAI-CLAC Annual Planning Meeting (APM) virtually, but given the status of the ongoing global pandemic, the 2021 APM was again held virtually. While most would prefer an in-person event, meetings held virtually offer several benefits, including increased participation. There were a total of 110 attendees at the 2021 APM.

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2021 Mid-Year California Legislative Session Update

2021 Mid-Year California Legislative Session Update

It’s officially Summer Recess at the California State Capitol. The Legislature was busy wrapping up policy committees before leaving on July 16, 2021. The Legislature reconvenes on August 16th and our work on CAI-CLAC’s 2021 Legislative Session Hot Bills will continue.

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