Legislative Session Hot Bills

The 2022 bill introduction deadline passed in March and there were no bills introduced attacking the CID community. However, we will have our hands full with a number of other issues, like ADUs, insurance and other housing issues that impact our communities, but they are not solely focused on CIDs. 

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Buck A Door Or More Campaign

Monitoring, advocating, and promoting grassroots efforts to support or oppose legislation is a costly venture, spending approximately $156,000 annually on these efforts. To maintain our high level of success, CAI-CLAC needs your help. We are asking you to consider approving a line item in your annual fiscal budget to help support CAI-CLAC’s Buck A Door Or More fundraising campaign.
The Buck A Door Or More campaign is meant to give each household the opportunity to support our advocacy efforts by simply donating $1 per door. For example, if your association consists of 100 units, we are asking for a contribution of $100 (or more) for CAI-CLAC. Donations are for legislative advocacy, not political contributions.
We’ve made donating easy! Simply make your contribution online. To learn more about why your donation is critical, you can read more here.
Thank you for your support!



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