Legislative Session Hot Bills

CAI-CLAC continues to update its position on several bills being considered by the state legislature this year, all of which could significantly impact those living in common interest developments. Below is what you need to know about the 2018 Legislative Session “hot bills” and where we stand.

  • SB 1265 (Wieckowski): Threatens Association Residents’ Privacy Rights, Ability to Prevent Felons and Others from Serving on Boards (OPPOSE)

If passed, Senate Bill 1265 is an attack on self-governance! It would require associations to publish a list of all members, along with the parcel number of the property they own, even if members don’t want that information made public. The bill also strips community associations of their local control as to whom can serve on their boards. Associations would be required to allow violent felons to serve on Boards, and owners who don’t pay their special assessments. This bill also imposes more complicated procedures and higher election-related costs on associations.

Here’s what you can do:

We’ve made contacting your legislator easy! Simply send your Assemblymember our pre-drafted email TODAY and let him or her know that your local control and your hard-earned dues dollars matter to you. All you’ll need is to enter your information and we will automatically send!

If you’d like to call him or her directly, you can find your Assemblymember’s contact information here.

Thank you for opposing this poorly written bill by voting against SB 1265

  • SB 1128 (Roth): More Threats to Association’s Ability to Prevent Felons from Serving on Boards, and Election by Acclamation (OPPOSE UNLESS AMENDED)

Senate Bill 1128, was amended to include Senate Bill 1265’s oppressive restrictions on an association’s ability to prevent felons and others from serving on the Board. It will also allow associations to elect members to the board by acclamation, but at the cost of requiring associations to allow felons and members who don’t pay special assessments to run for the Board.

  • AB 2912 (Irwin): Fortifying Finances of California Community Associations (SUPPORT)

Assembly Bill 2912 is designed to protect the finances of over 52,000 community associations in the state by requiring them to purchase fidelity bond insurance in an amount equal to or exceeding current reserves, plus three months of assessments. The bill also requires board members to review financial statements monthly rather than quarterly and prohibits electronic transfers of association funds without board approval.

  • SB 261 (Roth): Common Sense Changes to the Davis-Stirling Act’s Notice Provisions (SUPPORT)

Senate Bill 261 makes a common sense change to help community associations communicate with members by email, by allowing members to use email to agree to receive emailed notice. It also allows association Boards to adopt rules 28 days after sending them to members for comment.

We appreciate the ongoing support of our community members to help make our voices heard. We’ve made great impact during the 2018 Legislative Session, but there is more to do.

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