Legislative Session Hot Bills

2024 Legislative Session Priorities 


AB 2114 (Irwin) – Balcony Inspections

This CAI-CLAC sponsored bill would add Civil Engineers to the list of those eligible to conduct inspections of exterior elevated elements.  The bill includes an urgency clause which will allow this change to take effect immediately, if signed into law.

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Position: Sponsor/Support
Status: Referred to Senate Housing and Judiciary Committees.


AB 2159 (Maienschein) – Electronic Voting

This CAI-CLAC sponsored bill would authorize associations to use electronic balloting when conducting elections.  27 states allow for this technology which saves time and money when conducting elections, and in most cases, increases participation. 

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Position:  Sponsor/Support
Referred to Senate Housing and Judiciary Committees
Call to Action: Please email your Senator to urge them to vote in support of AB 2159

AB 2460 (Ta) – Reduced quorum

This CAI-CLAC sponsored bill is a clean-up measure to last year’s bill that authorizes a reduced quorum in board member elections.  AB 2460 will clarify who can call for a reconvened meeting where the reduced quorum can be used to elect new board members. 

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Position:  Sponsor/Support
Status: Passed out of the Assembly and awaiting committee referral in the Senate.

AB 2149 (Connolly) – Gate inspection

AB 2149 adopts a regulatory framework for the inspection and repair of any regulated gate, which includes any gate that weighs more than 50 pounds and is more than 48 inches wide or more than 84 inches high that is located in an area open to the public, an entire community or neighborhood, or any considerable number of persons. 

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Position:  Opposed unless amended
Status: Referred to Senate Judiciary Committee

SB 900 (Umberg) – Common interest developments: repair and maintenance

This bill would make an association responsible for repairs and replacements for matters pertaining to the interruption of gas, heat, water, or electrical services that being in the common area. The bill would require an association to commence the process to make those repairs or replacements within 10 days.

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Position:  Opposed unless amended
Status: Passed out of the Senate and awaiting referral in the Assembly


Last Updated on 6/3/2024

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Buck A Door Or More Campaign

Monitoring, advocating, and promoting grassroots efforts to support or oppose legislation is a costly venture, spending approximately $156,000 annually on these efforts. To maintain our high level of success, CAI-CLAC needs your help. We are asking you to consider approving a line item in your annual fiscal budget to help support CAI-CLAC’s Buck A Door Or More fundraising campaign.
The Buck A Door Or More campaign is meant to give each household the opportunity to support our advocacy efforts by simply donating $1 per door. For example, if your association consists of 100 units, we are asking for a contribution of $100 (or more) for CAI-CLAC. Donations are for legislative advocacy, not political contributions.
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