Buck A Door (or more!)

The Power of a Single Dollar.

It’s a small amount with a big impact in advocating for California HOA communities. 

We safeguard and improve the community association lifestyle and your property values. The legislation we monitor, support, or oppose has a direct impact on the communities you live in, work with or manage. The Buck A Door (or more!) Campaign allows community association residents to have a voice at the State Capitol.

Why We Need Your Help.

CAI-CLAC continues to be actively engaged in the regulatory arena, collaborating with the California Insurance Commissioner on issues affecting insurance for communities. While significant work remains, CAI-CLAC’s initiatives have notably raised awareness of CID insurance issues among the California Legislature, the Department of Insurance, and the media.

Monitoring, advocating, and promoting grassroots efforts to support or oppose legislation is a costly endeavor. To maintain our high level of success, CAI-CLAC needs your support. We ask you to consider approving a line item in your annual budget to support CAI-CLAC’s “Buck A Door or More fundraising campaign. This campaign allows each household to contribute to our advocacy efforts by donating just $1 per door. For instance, if your association has 100 units, we ask for a contribution of $100 (or more).

To stay informed, you can track community association-related bills for this session on our Hot Bills Page. 

We make giving easy! Donate online today with CAI National’s online contribution system.


You can also download our complete Buck A Door Fundraising Packet here.


Buck A Door Packet

  1. Click here for a message from the CAI-CLAC Chair
  2. Click here to download the Who We Are Form PDF
  3. Click here to download the Board Resolution PDF
  4. Click here to download the Donation Form PDF

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