12 Reasons Why You Should Donate to CLAC

The California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC) is a committee of Community Associations Institute (CAI), a national not-for-profit educational and resource organization dedicated to fostering vibrant, competent, harmonious, community associations.  CLAC is dedicated to monitoring and influencing legislation that affects community associations in California.  CLAC is proactive in introducing and advocating for legislation that is beneficial to CIDs and is active in opposing legislation that may have an adverse impact on CIDs.

CLAC has influenced legislation affecting many aspects of the Davis-Stirling Act, including covenant enforcement, elections, board meetings, assessment collection, electronic voting, resale disclosure, etc.  Following are 12 strong reasons why you should donate to CLAC.

  1. Your donation gives you voice.  CLAC’s legislative advocacy efforts are entirely dependent upon the opinions and experience of the industry’s professionals and CID homeowners.  CLAC serves the interests of approximately 9,000,000 people who live in and work with CIDs in the state of California.  CLAC communicates with legislators and other elected and appointed officials, and CLAC members educate government officials about CID concerns through letters, phone calls and personal visits.
  2. CLAC is dedicated to monitoring and influencing legislation that affects common interest developments in California.  CLAC researches and reviews proposed legislation and takes positions on bills affecting CIDs.  CLAC reviews and tracks bills related to CIDs in California throughout the year.
  3. CLAC meets regularly with lawmakers to help advance issues.  CLAC educates and visits with lawmakers, legislative and executive staff, and other organizations, and testifies before legislative bodies. In addition, CLAC visits legislators annually and hold an annual Legislative Day at the Capitol in Sacramento to get to know legislators; inform them of issues affecting CIDs; ensure that the voice of community associations is heard.
  4. CLAC is NOT a PAC (Political Action Committee) and does not give money to legislators or their campaigns. CLAC operates solely from contributions made by California members of CAI and other donations.
  5. CLAC provides immediate action alerts and input on bills that affect CIDs. CLAC’s input on breaking issues enhances its ability to effectively influence the formulation and outcome of public policy. Additionally, CLAC provides timely information on bills related to CIDs on our Blog.
  6. CLAC organizes “grass roots” letters, emails and phone communications with legislators regarding important CID-related issues and proposed laws.
  7. CLAC exercises members’ constitutional right to participate in the political process.  CLAC builds important relationships with government officials and develops a network of peers that will benefit the CID community and profession.
  8. Giving is easy and can be done online or fill out and return the Buck a Door or More donation form.
  9. It is legal for CID boards to donate money from the assessments collected.  The board may spend community funds on protecting the association and its owners by supporting constructive – and opposing offensive – state legislation.
  10. Donations are for LEGISLATIVE ADVOCACY, NOT POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS.  CLAC expenses include printing and mailing information to CAI members and CLAC contributors, lobbyist fees and administrative services; providing legislative information to the CLAC volunteers and more.
  11. Senate and Assembly Committees ask our advocate (lobbyist) for input as housing legislation is proposed and debated.  Moreover, the Governor’s Office often contacts CLAC to ask its position on a bill prior to the Governor signing the bill!
  12. CLAC has become the recognized resource for providing accurate, timely and influential input to California legislators.  CLAC is comprised of representatives from three CAI membership categories:  Volunteer Leaders (i.e., homeowners, board members); Business Partners (e.g., attorneys, developers, reserve analysts, contractors, accountants, insurance representatives, etc.) and Community Association Managers.  This provides a diverse perspective on how bills may impact CIDs.

You can also download our complete Buck A Door Fundraising Packet here.

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