CAI-CLAC 2022 Accomplishments

In 2022, we extended our outreach to develop strategic relationships with state agencies, policy makers, and stakeholders to ensure they understand the important role community associations play in fulfilling housing needs in the State of California. We continued to emphasize the importance of self-governance, while acknowledging that certain issues are too large to be addressed on a community level. We believe these new relationships will continue to grow and will help frame necessary state and federal legislation in the years to come. 

As the state slowly emerged from the Covid crisis, our delegates and legislative support committees continued to meet to discuss state legislation, wildfire emergencies, the insurance crisis, and the industry-wide impact of the fall of the Champlain Towers in Surfside, Florida. CAI-CLAC held a number of townhall meetings to keep people apprised of developments throughout the year. We also held our second virtual Legislative Days at the Capitol during which we shared our views on currently pending legislation, as well as our long-term goals for the next several years. CAI-CLAC was very well received by legislators and staff, and we continue to believe our legislative visits are a critical component of our success. 

Below is a list of our accomplishments for 2022, which could not have been possible without the participation of our Chapter Legislative Support Committees and members throughout the State.

CAI-CLAC 2022 Accomplishments

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