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There are several laws introduced each year that would negatively impact homeowners. Laws that would threaten homeowner privacy, allow convicted felons to become board members, and even impact property values. CAI-CLAC is here to protect homeowners and educate policymakers. Learn more about our current campaign to STOP SB 9 (Atkins) below and stay tuned for our next call-to-action. 

SB 9 would allow for lot splits in single-family residential communities. Local governments support the building of planned use developments (PUD) because the association is responsible for the upkeep of essential infrastructure, like roads, lights, water and sewage.

However, SB 9 will create major issues for associations because these developments are designed to support the number of units provided for in the initial local government approved plans. Allowing single-family lots to be split will force many associations to upgrade this infrastructure at a time when they can least afford it. You can view SB 9 Bill Information here.


Thank you for helping us PROTECT local control and STOP unnecessary costs on homeowners. You can read more about the potential impacts of SB 9 and our other priorities on the Legislative Session Hot Bills page.


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