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 Tell Your Legislator To Vote NO on SB 1265

Affordable housing and local control is important to residents living in managed community associations. But there’s a bill being considered in Sacramento that would impose higher costs and limit the ability of Homeowner Association members to govern themselves.

If passed, Senate Bill 1265 (Wieckowski) would significantly increase costs to hold an election. An additional mailing of election rules, the requirement that someone other than management be hired to serve as election inspector and additional legal hurdles related to election challenges and burden of proof would all combine to drive association election costs through the roof! There is simply no justification for government to impose higher costs to Homeowner Association members.

We strongly believe that SB 1265 limits association’s ability to self-govern by mandating how we conduct community association elections.

Here’s what you can do:

We’ve made contacting your legislator easy! Simply send your Assemblymember our pre-drafted email TODAY and let him or her know that your local control and your hard-earned dues dollars matter to you. All you’ll need is to enter your information and we will automatically send!

If you’d like to call him or her directly, you can find your Assemblymember’s contact information here.

Thank you for opposing this poorly written bill by voting against SB 1265!