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AB 3182: Forced Amendments

AB 3182: Forced Amendments

You’ve been hearing a lot from us about Assembly Bill 3182 (Ting). That’s because it is a bad bill and will be harmful to community associations and their members throughout California if passed, for numerous reasons. One of the consequences of drastically changing a bill’s language at the last possible minute, is there’s simply no time for those impacted to provide input and express the need for changes. That’s exactly what happened here.

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AB 3182 Will Hurt California Homeowners and Small Business

AB 3182 Will Hurt California Homeowners and Small Business

I’ll get right to the point. If Assembly Bill 3182 (Ting) becomes law, it will have immediate negative consequences to the following groups of people: first time homebuyers, veterans, seniors and small business owners that provide essential services to HOA communities. All homeowners in California’s more than 55,000 Common Interest Developments (CIDs) will be affected. ALL OF THEM. Condominium associations will be hit the hardest, because lending requirements are the strictest. But this will trickle down to affect all CIDs.

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