On April 16, 2012, during the CLAC Legislative Day events in Sacramento, one outstanding CAI California Chapter Volunteer of the Year will be recognized for their service.  The Chapter Volunteer of the Year will have demonstrated exceptional commitment to CLAC in his or her Chapter in 2011 and been nominated by their local chapters.

Volunteers are more than integral to the success of CAI-CLAC, they are vital and we are truly thankful for all that contribute their time and effort at chapters throughout the state.

Following are the nominees for CAI-CLAC’s 2011 California Chapter Volunteer of the Year:

California North Chapter

John Bowman of Serrano El Dorado Owners Association has been an active Delegate for the California North Chapter for over four years and serves as Secretary on the executive committee of CLAC.  He has helped the Chapter in exceeding its funding goals by amazing margins.  He encourages his own large-scale community to participate in the “Buck a Door” program and other associations have taken notice.  His awareness of topical issues affecting the CID industry, such as environmental issues, manager licensing and water meters, helps to provide the added insight that make CLAC a better organization.

Bay Area/Central California Chapter

Jacquie Dynes of DyneNamic CID Management is an avid supporter of the Bay Area/Central California Chapter’s fundraising for CLAC as well as the grassroots efforts made by the members of the Chapter.  She attends most Chapter events, selling raffle tickets and keeping the Chapter up-to-date on the latest bill status.  As a community manager, Jacquie deals with the real-life effect of laws that are passed, and can share that experience to make CLAC a better organization.

Channel Islands Chapter

Frank Jauregui of Transcend Association Management has been a huge asset to the CLAC Committee in the Channel Islands Chapter of CAI.  Frank consistently assists the Chapter, promoting CAI and raising funds through the CLAC raffles.  He is a welcoming face as he greets people and encourages them to support CAI-CLAC and shares with them the benefits of supporting CLAC.  It is through valuable members such as Frank, that the positive awareness of CLAC is spread.

Greater Los Angeles Chapter

Lisa Tashjian of Beaumont Gitlin & Tashjian is the CLAC go-getter in the Greater Los Angeles Chapter.  Every month she coordinates the CLAC Raffle, ensuring that 100% of the proceeds go to CLAC. She acts as liaison for the Chapter and presents the CLAC Moment to the membership.  Lisa also acts as the chair of the local legislative support committee and helps to encourage participation in all CLAC events and fundraising.

Coachella Valley Chapter

Steven Shuey of Personalized Property Management is Chair of the 2011 CLAC Committee for Coachella Valley Chapter and delivers regular updates to the Chapter membership at monthly meetings.  He never misses an opportunity to solicit contributions that benefit CLAC and has discovered new ways to encourage participation.  Steven has become an integral part of every Chapter function!

Greater Inland Empire Chapter

Pamela Voit of Voit Management is a Delegate for the Greater Inland Empire Chapter, and regularly attends Legislative Support Committee meetings as well as events put on by local legislators in an attempt to build the success and visibility of CLAC within the community.  Her company won an award for the management firm that raised the most for the Chapter’s CLAC contribution in 2011 – nearly 18% of the total funds raised!  She also was instrumental in planning and executing the “Evening at the Winery” CLAC Fundraiser and Raffle – another fundraising opportunity, and also an opportunity to invite a local legislator to speak and get to know us better.

Orange County Chapter

Terri Hamilton of Sunwest Bank has been the Orange County Chapter’s leader for the Legislative Support Committee for the past two years, helping to increase Chapter contributions to CLAC by 56%.  Terri was instrumental in creating Orange County Chapter’s “Day in the OC District” which encouraged local interest in legislative participation, and helped to execute two very successful events that helped move the Chapter toward meeting their 2011 contribution.  She has been vocal about encouraging participation in the Legislative Day at the Capitol and has led by example with her own attendance and support.

San Diego Chapter

Sam Dolnick, a homeowner in the San Diego Chapter, has donated so much time to the local legislative support committee that no one on the Chapter Board or local committee can remember a time when Sam wasn’t involved.  He has made hundreds of calls, written hundreds of letters and no doubt spent thousands of hours contacting legislators on homeowners’ behalves.  Sam has served as Delegate for years, personally donates money to the cause and writes an on-going column for the San Diego magazine that recognizes those who have contributed to CLAC.


Congratulations, and most importantly, thank you, to all of our nominees.