The Community Associations Institute’s California Legislative Action Committee (CAI-CLAC)  Chair Pamela Voit issued the following statement in response to the Senate Judiciary Committee halting AB 1360 (Torres), which would have allowed homeowners associations the option to utilize electronic balloting in their community elections:

“CAI-CLAC is disappointed that AB 1360 will not move forward to provide homeowners across the state the opportunity to vote electronically in their homeowners association elections. Electronic balloting would increase voter participation and decrease election costs, all while maintaining the safety and anonymity needs of elections. Currently, community associations are the only corporations in California not allowed to utilize electronic voting and their elections are subject to specific procedures, which are more restrictive than other non-profit corporations.

“CAI-CLAC will continue to pursue electronic balloting for HOAs in future legislative  sessions, as it’s an incredibly important issue – homeowners must be able to easily participate in their communities and vote on issues that affect their homes. It’s time that HOAs use the technology people prefer and use on a daily basis. “