Guest Blog By Kimberly Lilley, CIRMS, CMCA, EBP

A sincere thank you to all who responded to our Call-to-Action this year! We appreciate that you are willing to take your time to be sure that our legislators, regulators and general public are informed about the current insurance crisis in California. You have helped to demonstrate that community associations in California have an impact, and that they can make a difference.

We have new possible allies in our work to make the FAIR Plan not only accessible to condominiums in California, but also to provide a product that would allow for layering…something less basic to meet the range of needs we have in the state. We will strive to make our “insurer of last resort” really function as such.

CAI-CLAC will continue to work with the California Department of Insurance (CDI) and are looking for ways to take the pressure off our communities, including giving our input to the new wildfire regulations they are working on. The best thing we can ALL do right now is prevent large losses due to wildfire. Help your community become a Firewise community and if you live in a wildland area be sure to create defensible space around your own home.

Remember, fire season in California is all year long. The insurance crisis is far from over. There is no expectation for insurance costs to go down in the near future. CAI-CLAC’s Insurance Task Force will continue to meet with the CDI and build coalition to have influence when we need it. We are also considering legislative solutions at our October Annual Planning Meeting and will keep you in the loop regarding any “next steps.” Any and all legislative proposals are welcome.  Please send your legislative proposals to

And most importantly, WE CAN NOT DO THIS WORK WITHOUT YOU! Please continue to share your stories and make your voices heard by visiting our Current Campaigns page. We encourage you to stay involved and informed. Please subscribe to our email list and follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn for real-time updates. If you have any questions, you can contact us at


Kimberly Lilley, CIRMS, CMCA, EBP is the Director of Business Development for Berg Insurance Agency and may be reached at