The Community Associations Institute, California Legislative Action Committee (CAI-CLAC) is committed to reviewing laws that affect Common Interest Developments (CIDs) and engaging with legislators to sponsor bills that would be advantageous to CIDs – and legislators who introduce bills that may harm our communities. Each year, our team closely monitors hundreds of proposed laws and spends countless hours advising and advocating for CIDs. To keep our efforts going, fundraising is absolutely essential.

The concept of fundraising is straightforward. Fundraising involves gathering financial support from individuals and organizations to back our initiatives. Given the rising costs faced by our residents and businesses, fundraising has become more challenging yet simultaneously more crucial than ever.

Fundraising for CAI-CLAC is important for several reasons:

  1. Financial Sustainability: CAI-CLAC relies solely on funding from our supporters to sustain operations. This allows us to implement advocacy campaigns, conduct research, and to organize events designed to educate and update legislators, homeowners, and other constituents. Fundraising ensures that we continually work effectively and achieve our mission.

  2. Impact: With adequate funding CAI-CLAC has been able to sustain an experienced Advocate a professional PR consultant, and a coordinator. This helps to amplify our overall impact by reaching a wider audience and plan strategically.

  3. Flexibility and Agility: Fundraising provides flexibility to respond to emerging issues, adapt strategies, and seize opportunities when they arise. A healthy balance of funds allows CAI-CLAC to capitalize on opportunities for our advocacy efforts.

  4. Building Community: Fundraising is also an opportunity to engage with Homeowners who live in our Common Interest Developments. CAI-CLAC strives to include our homeowners in our advocacy efforts at a grassroots level.  By involving individuals in the fundraising process, we can give homeowners a voice in the legislative process.
  1. Long-Term Sustainability: Sustainable funding is crucial for the long-term viability of CAI-CLAC. By establishing a solid fundraising base, we can develop long-term plans, engage in strategic planning, and invest in our future.

To support CAI-CLAC you can participate in these following ways:

  1. Buck A Door: Our ongoing Buck A Door (or more!) fundraising campaign is designed to get our Communities to donate $1 (or more) per door on an annual basis.  This equates to less than 10 cents per door per month.  More information can be found on our website: 

  2. Donate Online: Donate directly to CAI-CLAC on the CAI-CLAC website.  Each donation goes straight to the organization.

  3. Event Sponsorships: CAI-CLAC holds virtual “Town Hall” meetings throughout the year.  These events have sponsorship opportunities for your business.  Additionally, our annual Advocacy Week has several sponsorship opportunities at different commitment levels.  Information for sponsorships is released closer to each event.  For up-to-date information feel free to join our email list.  You can subscribe to the email list on the CAI-CLAC website.

  4. Chapter Level: Each of the CAI Chapters in California offers different ways to donate to CAI-CLAC at a chapter level.  Contact your local chapter for details.

When you make a donation to CAI-CLAC, you’re not just supporting a cause that benefits you and your community, you’re also contributing to a statewide effort to ensure that CIDs have a powerful voice in Sacramento.  Please take a moment to consider how to get involved and help us advocate for reasonable and effective legislation for California community associations. 

For more information you can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, X (formerly twitter), and at Thank you for helping us improve and safeguard the California community association lifestyle.