CAI-CLAC is proud to announce its newest committee (drum roll…), the Legislative Strategy & Research Committee (LSRC)!

The LSRC has been created to support the legislative agenda of CLAC through forward planning, development of strategy, and research. It is our hope that the LSRC will make CLAC even more dynamic in achieving its short and long-term legislative goals. The LSRC will play a lead role in supporting CLAC’s legislative agenda by soliciting, tracking and evaluating ideas from CAI supporters in California. The LSRC will also handle research projects as needed in order to support CLAC’s more ambitious long-term goals.

How can you help? First and foremost, through your feedback. As supporters of CLAC, your input, suggestions, and ideas for legislation are vital to the success of the LSRC. No idea or suggestion is too big or too small. In fact, while CLAC worked extensively with the California Law Revision Commission and the Legislature on the development of the new Davis-Stirling Act (effective Jan. 1, 2014), one of CLAC’s goals for the upcoming year is to determine whether any minor changes to the Act are still needed. Small issues are likely to become more apparent once the law is put into practice, so we encourage our supporters to bring those problems to the LSRC.  You may also be called upon to support the LSRC’s efforts in research and data collection or to weigh in on the priority of CLAC’s goals.

Please email any questions, comments, suggestions and/or ideas to

Thank you for your support. We look forward to hearing from you.

CAI-CLAC Legislative Strategy & Research Committee

Nathan McGuire

Nathan R. McGuire
is a principal with Neumiller & Beardslee and chairs the firm’s Community Association Law Group. He is an At-Large Delegate to CLAC in the Bay Area & Central California Chapter, serves as one of CLAC’s Legislative Co-Chairs, and chairs CLAC’s Legislative Strategy & Research Committee.