Guest Blog By Fred Bartz
Morgan Hill, HOA Board President, Temecula, CA

For many businesses and associations, 2022 continues to present unanticipated circumstances and challenges. As we all navigate life with COVID-19, it continues to impact the fundraising efforts needed to support the California Legislative Action Committee (CAI-CLAC). With in-person fundraising events constantly changing, the CAI-CLAC Annual Buck A Door (or more!) Fundraiser is a fundraising effort that we can count on, in addition to Chapter Contributions, no matter what the current in-person rules are.

As a CAI-CLAC Liaison with the CAI-Greater Inland Empire Chapter, I am sharing three simple ways for everyone to support CAI-CLAC as we find our new normal.

  1. Spread the word to community associations. You can help by informing associations of CAI-CLAC and the current legislative challenges they are following and how they can help. Like all of us, CAI-CLAC is adjusting to “living with” COVID-19; however, the state legislature has not taken much of a break on introducing legislation that could negatively impact the communities we support. There continue to be many bills CAI-CLAC is tracking that may impact Common Interest Developments (CIDs). 
  2. Engage business partners. In addition to homeowners, I have also contacted association management companies and company executives to explain the extraordinary need, during these unprecedented times, for funding CAI-CLAC’s efforts, as management companies have access to all of their clients that I don’t have. Our collective network would have a significant impact! You can help by engaging business partners to increase our impact.
  3. Empower community association managers with information. We can also help by providing information on Buck A Door (or more!) to managers for upcoming board meetings.  CAI-CLAC recommends emailing the Buck A Door materials, which includes a sample Board Resolution, to board members. Let’s all do our best in asking community managers to put the Buck A Door fundraising subject on the next agenda for their board members to consider.

We hope you’ll consider supporting the Buck A Door Campaign and helping us spread the word to more advocates. To learn more or to make a donation, click here.

You can also download our complete Buck A Door Fundraising Packet here.


More About CAI-CLAC
The California Legislative Action Committee (CAI-CLAC) is a volunteer committee of the Community Associations Institute (CAI), consisting of homeowners and professionals serving community associations. This committee focuses on creating positive relationships with state legislators to provide a voice for the approximately 55,000 common interest developments (CIDs) in the state of California. Through these relationships we create open channels of communication regarding legislation affecting CIDs. Learn more here.