Still looking for a reason to attend Advocacy Week with CAI-CLAC? We’ve got 6 reasons why you don’t want to miss this event!

  1. Advocacy – Advocacy Week is CAI-CLAC’s biggest advocacy event of the year, organized specifically for those who live and work in California Community Associations to meet with lawmakers. It’s four days of the year where homeowners, business partners and community managers from all over the state come together to show strength in numbers at the State Capitol and share their stories with legislators.
  2. Knowledge –You’ll learn all about the community association industry’s most challenging political issues, how the legislative process works, and how the potential outcomes can affect you.
  3. Networking – Advocacy Week with CAI-CLACl attracts CAI members from all over the state. From the “Cork’s for CLAC” event hosted by the CAI California North Chapter on Sunday evening, to virtual legislative visits to our Awards Ceremony, there will be numerous opportunities for conversations not only with other CAI members, but also elected officials.
  4. Inspiration –Between hearing our keynote speakers, meeting virtually with political leaders and celebrating award recipients, you will leave the event inspired and empowered to help us make a difference throughout the legislative session.
  5. Educate –Lawmakers need you to educate them on the intricacies of living and working in HOA communities. They need to meet the real people behind the issues who believe their association rules protect and enhance their property values. They also need to hear from the 89% of California homeowners who rate their overall community association living experience as positive or neutral, and do not want increased regulations.
  6. Impact– Lawmakers need to hear from YOU, their constituents, before they make decisions on legislative proposals that could significantly impact the industry. By attending Advocacy Week, you’re helping to influence change and make a difference in the common interest development (CID) community.

CAI-CLAC is the voice of California’s Community Association industry. We hope you will join us! This year may not be in-person, but we can still come together in a virtual environment to speak face-to-face with legislators and voice your opinions on HOA communities. Get involved and register today!