Sam Dolnick, recipient of CAI-CLAC Lifetime Achievement Award

Sam Dolnick has volunteered so much time to the California Legislative Action Committee over the decades that none of the present members of the San Diego Board of Directors or the San Diego Chapter’s Legislative Support Committee can remember a time when Sam wasn’t involved, or wasn’t contributing his own unique input on any given piece of legislation from his homeowner perspective.  He has made hundreds of calls, written hundreds of letters and no doubt spent thousands of hours contacting state and local legislators on homeowners’ behalves over his decades of service to the organization.

In addition, Sam has served CLAC Statewide as delegate/liaison, personally donated money to CLAC while encouraging others to do the same, and served on our San Diego Chapter’s local committee for many years.  He has also been responsible for promoting CLAC fundraising via writing an ongoing column for CAI San Diego’s Common Assessment magazine where he recognizes the contributors to CLAC from the San Diego Chapter each year.

In honor of the amazing contributions that Sam Dolnick has provided to our organization for countless years, we are honored to present him with the CAI-CLAC Lifetime Achievement Award!