Assembly Bill 670 (Friedman) would require community associations to allow accessory dwelling units.

A.B. 670 would render void any provision in a community association’s governing documents prohibiting an “accessory dwelling unit” or “junior accessory dwelling unit” on a single family lot. The bill would not apply to provisions already in place as of January 1, 2020, but would apply to new documents and to any amendment effective after that date.

An “accessory dwelling unit” is a second unit on a lot, either detached or contained within the walls of the house on the lot, up to 1,200 square feet, and including cooking, sleeping, and bathroom facilities. Accessory dwelling units may also have relaxed setback and parking requirements. A “junior accessory dwelling unit” may be up to 500 square feet and must have an outside entrance and cooking facilities, but may share bathroom facilities with the main house on the lot.

A.B. 670 would significantly change the nature of new common interest developments and would prevent existing CIDs from amending their documents to disallow garage conversions and other secondary units.

The bill was amended to include these provisions on March 28, 2019. CAI-CLAC opposes A.B. 670. You can read A.B. 670 on the California State Legislator’s website here.

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