Glennon Gray honored for dedication service receiving award from Jill Van Zeebroeck

Glennon Gray, PCAM, President of Euclid Management in Upland, CA, was honored on Friday for his dedication and service to the industry while working with CAIs California Legislative Action Committee advocates on Assembly Bill 771.  AB 771 was recently signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown and will become effective on January 1, 2012.

When initially introduced, AB 771 shook the community association industry, as it would have severely limited a management company’s ability to charge the appropriate parties for the services they were providing.  Glennon worked hard to help the sponsor and author of AB 771 understand the true ramifications of the bill, and helped it to become what it is today: an additional disclosure requirement that provides greater transparency for members of common interest developments (community associations).

It is members like Glennon, who is a member of the CAI – Greater Inland Empire Chapter, who help to keep the community association industry functioning smoothly with his dedication to education and responsible legislation, and the California Legislative Action Committee was honored to have the opportunity to recognize his generous contributions to our industry.