We did it again! We went to Sacramento, educated ourselves about pending legislation, and then spoke to our legislators and made a difference. One attendee remarked that it wasn’t as ominous a task as she had expected; the only thing needed to make a difference was a voice. So true! While the Delegates and Liaisons get together in Sacramento to dig into the bills, discuss the true impact on community associations in California and help to educate attendees about the positions taken, EVERY attendee, whether Delegate, homeowner, manager or business partner was so well-equipped with the information provided, that all they needed to make a solid impression with their legislators was a voice to communicate the message.

Managers at the event remarked that attendance made them better managers, not only by learning about possible impacts of pending bills on the communities they help to manage, but by speaking up about the actual impact of legislation, educating the lawmakers, and helping to prevent the passage of laws filled with unintended consequences.

Jan Newcomb, from Springhurst Townhomes HOA, had this to say about her experience:

“As a homeowner attending the CLAC Legislative Day at the Capitol, I was surprised how much is happening in Sacramento that may affect California’s community associations. I also realized the importance of educating our government representatives about the effects (intended and unintended) of legislation before it’s enacted. And I am now even more convinced how important CLAC’s contributions are to our communities. Thanks to all whose donations and volunteer efforts make this critical work possible.”

Thanks to the many sponsors who sponsored the attendance of homeowners and managers at both the education sessions on Sunday, as well as the Legislative Day on Monday. Attendees noticed that being sponsored to go to Sacramento and change the face of the community association industry is so much more meaningful than a gift card. And thanks to everyone who contributed financially to this event and to CAI-CLAC, without your support, we could not make the difference that we do.

On Monday, the Annual Awards Ceremony was held to recognize the many contributions of our Chapters and volunteers throughout the year.

Chapters Achieving Annual Goals

Bay Area/Central California

Channel Islands

Coachella Valley

Greater Los Angeles

Greater Inland Empire

Orange County Regional


Top Chapter Runner Up

Orange County Regional Chapter – Achieving 102% of goal


Top Chapter Supporter

Greater Inland Empire Chapter – Achieving 141% of goal


Top Management Company Supporters

3rd Place – The Avalon Management Group, Greater Inland Empire

2nd Place – Landmark Limited, LLC, Bay Area/Central California Chapter

1st Place – Associa-PCM, Orange County Regional Chapter


Chair’s Choice

John Bowman, Serrano El Dorado Owners Association, California North Chapter


Volunteer of the Year

Christina Baine DeJardin, Peters & Freedman LLP, Coachella Valley Chapter

We are at work finalizing the dates for next year’s Legislative Day at the Capitol (CLAC Day 2016!), so stay tuned for the announcement when it comes and be ready to join us and make your voice heard!

Kimberly Lilley is the Fundraising & Event Chair for CAI-CLAC and Director of Marketing for Berg Insurance Agency. She may be reached at kimberly@berginsurance.com.

Kimberly Lilley

Kimberly Lilley