There I was at the California capitol building in Sacramento advocating on behalf of CAI and representing homeowners associations to Assembly Member’s staff!

The capitol building is both a museum and hub of energetic legislative activity for California, one of the largest economies in the world.

It is surrounded by a park with an urban forest of trees from around the planet and includes a beautiful rose garden worthy of a visit.

After a day of preparation and introduction to the CAI California Legislative Action Committee advocate and delegates we were ready to enter the halls of the impressive home of the Senate and Assembly. Talking points for each bill sponsored or opposed had been detailed, and documentation of the CAI positions were in hand to make available to the staff after each meeting.

We were divided into thirteen groups consisting of attorneys, delegates and community association volunteer leaders to execute a series of thirty-four meetings with Senate and Assembly staff.

While standing in line to enter the capitol building our enthusiasm grew as we anticipated the opportunity to have an impact on the legislation. There were hundreds of constituents in line all on the same mission for their special cause.

We entered to find the halls of the capitol were buzzing like a beehive. People hurried to engagements and meetings, discourse in progress all along the way. There were large groups of constituents spread throughout the corridors all hurriedly making appointments in support of their cause.

My group met with staff from two Assembly Members. We made all the points in support of or opposed to the CAI priority bills. I took the opportunity to introduce myself as a homeowner, elected Board of Director member, and HOA President. I relayed my actual experience with regards to funding and executing exterior restoration projects and conducting elections as it applied to opposition of SB 721 (decks and balconies: Inspections) and support for AB 1426 (Uncontested Elections).

I am proud to have participated in the legislative process on behalf of CAI and look forward to continuing my legislative support action.

Patrick Morrisey
Patrick Morrisey with the San Diego Chapter was selected among many deserving applicants to receive the Duncan McPherson Scholarship. Mr. Morrisey has served as the board President of Yacht Club Condominiums HOA for eight years and also serves on the San Diego Legislative Support Committee.