Saturday Assembly Member Mayes (R-Yucca Valley) pulled AB 1799 from committee. This means the bill is no longer active and halts the progress of the bill into law for this session.

This bill would have corrected an illogical and expensive process in an uncontested community association board election where there is no contest to vote on, yet a ballot is required. It also clarified the eligibility process for office on boards and specified the notification process to members. AB 1799 would have improved the voting process for all community association members.

We are sorry that this clear and practical bill won’t be enacted this session, but want to thank all of you, CAI-CLAC members, who energetically supported the bill with calls and letters to your representatives at the Capitol. There was a tremendous response to the bill and we are so proud of everyone for their hard work.

We appreciate Assembly Member Mayes’ work to get the bill this far. Those of you he represents, please thank him for his effort when you see or talk to him.

For more information about AB 1799 or CAI-CLAC you can visit the website at