For several years CAI-CLAC has invited all segments of the community association industry to a “pre-session” meeting in the Capitol to discuss possible legislation that we might expect to see this year.

Invited to the informal discussion were lobbyists for association managers, lenders, trustees, realtors, insurers, developers, attorneys and seniors.

Oddly, and for the very first time, no one indicated they were sponsoring a bill; however, all agreed to remain vigilant for any community association bill among the 2,400 bills we know will be introduced.

Since then, and as instructed by the various organizations’ boards, some bills were introduced or legislators themselves decided to author bills that effect HOAs. They include bills which would:

• streamline the notification process when owners are not able to be located for service,
• assess a $75 fee on every recorded document in order to fund affordable housing,
• address the drought and use of artificial turf — again! (Four different bills),
• require HOAs to disclose whether they are “FHA Certified,” which is sponsored by a southern California business council,
• require associations to allow clotheslines for drying laundry,
• deal with the “fire fee” that condominium owners must pay to the State (Seven bills in total),
• expedite mechanic liens,
• specify how a transfer fee is calculated and disclosed.

In sum, this is why CAI-CLAC exists…namely, to monitor possible changes in the law and to protect association members and their lifestyle and investment in their homes. Readers are encouraged to help lobby these bills on April 13th in Sacramento at our 22nd Annual Legislative Day in the Capitol.

Skip Daum interned for two lobbyists in Sacramento after 10 years in the USAF as an instructor aviator, then started his own advocacy firm, Capitol Communications Group in 1978. His degree in English from Emerson College in Boston, and his ability to personally and effectively communicate with legislators and staff has enabled him to consistently achieve his clients’ legislative goals. During his tenure, Daum has served more than 30 professional and trade associations in numerous industries. CAI has been a client of Capitol Communications Group since 1994.

Skip Daum, CAI-CLAC Legislative Advocate

Skip Daum, CAI-CLAC Legislative Advocate