Please VOTE NO on SB 323

Thank you for your help to tell the Senate Housing Committee to VOTE NO on SB 323. We apologize for the extra step to contact legislators. We are currently updating our automated system.

But We Still Need Your HELP!

Please send our pre-drafted email below and let them know that your local control and your hard-earned dues dollars matter to you. Simply copy and paste the email below and send to the legislators listed. Thank you for your help!




Dear Senate Housing Committee:

Please VOTE NO on SB 323 (Wieckowski).

SB 323 is the reintroduction of SB 1265, which was vetoed by Governor Brown in 2018. SB 323 adds to California’s housing affordability crisis by making elections more expensive and increasing the likelihood of lawsuits.

Currently, more than 13 million Californians live in 55,000 associations throughout the state. This bill will negatively impact every one of them! SB 323 attempts to create a one size fits all approach to California homeowner association governance. As Governor Brown said in his veto of SB 1265 “If changes to an election process are needed, they should be resolved by the members of that specific community.”

The California Legislature has made reducing the cost of housing a primary goal over the last few years. SB 323 heads in the exact opposite direction increasing costs to homeowners in an attempt to create a solution where no problem exists.

Most associations in California have less than 50 members and are governed by volunteers. A large number of California’s associations are self-managed and SB 323 establishes a complicated and confusing set of deadlines in order for an association to hold an election, which will create more non-compliance and potential lawsuits.

For these reasons and many others, please VOTE NO on SB 323.


Send to the Senate Housing Committee by copying the following addresses. You may send one email to all the members.