Governor Jerry Brown Vetoes SB 1128 and SB 1265

Today, we are pleased to announce that Governor Jerry Brown vetoed SB 1128 and SB 1265.

On behalf of the more than 55,000 associations and 13 million Californians living in a homeowners association, we thank Governor Brown for protecting local control over association elections and the privacy of those participating in the elections. With the veto of SB 1128 and SB 1265, the Governor recognizes that a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work for community association elections in California.

“The grassroots activity by homeowners across the state sent a clear message to the Governor these bills were not needed”, said John MacDowell, Chairman of the Community Associations Institute California Legislative Action Committee (CAI-CLAC). “Community elections are complicated and expensive and these two bills would have only made matters worse.”

California law governing association elections was written by the Legislature to provide for transparency, fairness and with the acknowledgement that not all associations are alike. When followed, the law provides for fair and inclusive elections. When the laws are not followed, remedies are provided ensuring that the ultimate outcome is in the best interest of the members living in the association.

The CAI-CLAC Executive Committee extends a sincere thank you to the thousands of homeowners who engaged in the democratic process by emailing and calling their Assembly Member, Senator and the Governor to express concerns with these two measures. Our voices were heard.

CAI-CLAC’s mission is to safeguard and improve the community association lifestyle and their property values by advocating a reasonable balance between state statutory requirements and the ability and authority of individual homeowners to govern themselves through their community associations.

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