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As pending legislation moves through committees and to the floors of the Assembly or the Senate…or even to the Governor’s desk, there are times when it is crucial to make your voice heard immediately in order to either promote or block a bill….to move it the next step.  Watch for CLAC-TRAC Alerts and follow our advocates’ directives…whether a letter-writing campaign, phone calls to your Legislator, or e-mails to the Governor.  If you wish to sign up for these alerts and be kept up-to-date on pending legislation, please subscribe to our e-mail list.

There may be times when our advocate asks you to make visits to your Legislator’s local district office.  Meeting with your Legislator, or one of their staffers, in their district office helps to reinforce CAI-CLAC’s message.  Click here for tips to have a successful meeting.

When visiting your Legislator’s office, it is important to bring with you material about CAI-CLAC.  This will become the Legislator’s future reference material when they have questions about common interest developments and who to reach out to for more information.  Click here for a list of items to take to your Legislator’s office.  If this is your first time visiting with a legislator, it is recommended that you ask an experienced member of your Chapter’s Legislative Support Committee to attend with you.

Thank you for helping CAI-CLAC be the community association industry’s voice in Sacramento!

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