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Protect your local control. Together, we have a voice at the Capitol.

We safeguard and improve the community association lifestyle and your property values. The legislation we monitor, support, or oppose has a direct impact on the communities you live in, work with or manage. The Buck A Door Campaign allows community association residents to have a voice at the State Capitol.

Why We Need Your Help.

In any given year, there are several pieces of legislation introduced that impact California common interest developments (CIDs). We truly understand these are challenging times, on many levels; the health, social and economic impacts of COVID-19 impact us all. Now more than ever, we need to support each other and our communities.

The many benefits of living in a CID exist in both good times and in hard times. Our efforts protect those living in and working for CIDs, and work to improve the quality of lives of tens-of-thousands of residents. We will continue to support our homeowners, residents and business partners’ best interests during this unprecedented crisis. This year, despite being faced with the current pandemic, we’ve continued to engage legislators and monitor pending bills that, if passed, will:

  • Significantly limit an association’s right to have rental restrictions
  • Restrictand limit collections and the right to foreclose to collect unpaid assessments
  • Allowing changes to the Open Meeting Actto account for the pandemic

We understand your association may be struggling and faced with many challenges during these difficult times. However, to maintain our success, we rely on your support. Your donation makes our legislative advocacy and outreach efforts possible. If you’re able, please consider donating $1 per door (or more) so we can represent your community’s voice at the Capitol.


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