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Protect your local control. Together, we have a voice at the Capitol.

We safeguard and improve the community association lifestyle and your property values. The legislation we monitor, support, or oppose has a direct impact on the communities you live in, work with or manage. The Buck A Door Campaign allows community association residents to have a voice at the State Capitol.

Why We Need Your Help.

In any given year, there are several pieces of legislation introduced that impact California community associations. This year, there are many poorly written bills being considered by legislators that will worsen the statewide housing affordability crisis by:

  • Making elections more expensive
  • Increasing the likelihood of lawsuits
  • Prohibiting local control

We need your help now to continue to educate legislators and build positive relationships on your behalf. Last year we were successful in defeating S.B. 1265 (Wieckowski), and we must do the same for S.B. 323. In order to maintain our success, we rely on your support. Your donation makes our legislative advocacy and outreach efforts possible. Please consider donating a $1 per door (or more) so we can represent your community voice at the Capitol.


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