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Voter Voice lets YOUR voice be heard in the State Capitol. Tell the Assembly Judiciary Committee to VOTE NO on SB 323.

SB 323 is the reintroduction of SB 1265, which was vetoed by Governor Brown in 2018. SB 323 adds to California’s housing affordability crisis by making elections more expensive and increasing the likelihood of lawsuits and would prohibit an associations volunteer board of directors from establishing minimum eligibility standards for serving on the board and require a number of costly and unnecessary steps in the elections process.

Help Us Take Action!

We’ve made contacting the Assembly Judiciary Committee easy! Simply send our pre-drafted email TODAY and let them know that your local control and your hard-earned dues dollars matter to you. All you’ll need is to enter your information and send!

Thank you for helping us PROTECT local control and STOP unnecessary costs on homeowners. You can read more about the potential impacts of SB 323 on our Legislative Session Hot Bills page.

Please continue to tell us what issues you are facing in your communities by email at You can also sign up for e-mail updates on pressing legislation and other key issues throughout the year!

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