Please VOTE NO on AB 3182

Simply copy and paste the Senate Housing Committee emails below and send.

EMAIL SUBJECT: Please Vote NO on AB 3182


Dear Senate Housing Committee:

AB 3182 will place unreasonable restrictions on an association’s ability to govern rentals in its governing documents.

Currently, more than 13 million Californians live in 55,000 associations throughout the state. This bill will negatively impact every one of them! AB 3182 attempts to create a one size fits all approach to California homeowner associations. These decisions are best left to association residents and the volunteer board members elected to serve the community.

The California Legislature has made reducing the cost of housing a primary goal over the last few years. AB 3182 heads in the exact opposite direction, increasing costs to homeowners in an attempt to create a solution where no problem exists. Most associations in California have no rental restrictions. While others have adopted reasonable restrictions to protect the community.

For these reasons and many others, please VOTE NO on AB 3182.